Steve Jobs Biography – Movie

Steve Jobs is, and will ever be, one of the greatest entrepreneurs of all times. His complex personality with overwhelming passion, dedication and will has not only generated billions of dollars but also has changed the world. Because business was not only about the money, it was a way of life for him. As the co-founder of Apple Computers – Steve Wozniak says:

If you can build links and sell em, you can have a company. And the way you make money and importance in the world is with companies. This is how you get good things for people. It wasn’t about the money…

I really like this quote and use it as motivation for my activities. This is also a radical statement, a capitalistic society is based on money, the so-called capital. It is what drives the world. But according to Steve Jobs money is not important. Although he lived and grew up in the most capitalistic country in the world, he was not a capitalist, he was from another race – a creator, an entrepreneur.


Apple I - The first computer of Apple Inc.

Apple I – The first computer of Apple Inc.

OK, enough said, I just wanted to drop some notes about the following movie… It’s about how Steve Jobs started, the early history of Apple and its founders. How the first computer – Apple 1 –  was developed. About the story of two young hippies, who started one of the most powerful companies on Earth from a small garage in Palo Alto, California.

OK, here is the movie. Regrettably, it’s only 45 minutes in length, but it’s worth every minute. Enjoy:

If you enjoyed this movie, consider watching Steve Jobs famous speech at Stanford University. You can find it exactly HERE. It’s a life-changing clip and I recommend you take the time watching it. Also, don’t miss checking the related posts from below.