Pirates of Silicon Valley – An Amazing Movie About Apple And Microsoft That Everybody Should Watch

Simply Great! This is what I could say about the movie: “Pirates Of Silicon Valley“. This is a real story, about the fathers of the world of technology we have today. A movie about the struggle of young entrepreneurs, that founded two of the greatest companies ever – Apple and Microsoft.

It’s a movie about the epic fight between the early tech giants, stolen business ideas, and entrepreneurship.  A movie about the competition between the two men, who lead the most successful companies of our time – Steve Jobs (Apple) and Bill Gates (Microsoft).  You will be just amazed at how these men got where they are nowadays.

Pirates Of Silicon Valley

Pirates Of Silicon Valley

The producers of “Pirates Of Silicon Valley” did their best to show us the real people that hide behind the names Jobs and Gates. Watching it, you will see the good and the bad sides of their characters and what is special in them, that brought them huge success.

Anyone interested in business and entrepreneurship, should take the time and watch this movie!

If something is wrong with the videos above, you can watch the whole movie on youtube.com, but it’s divided into several parts. Just execute a search for “Pirates Of Silicon Valley“. You can also buy the movie from Amazon at an incredible price here:

More about the movie

The Pirates of Silicon Valley is a widely acclaimed movie detailing the epic rise of two of the foremost titans of the global tech industry, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. Released in 1999, the film chronicles their intertwined careers and the competition between Apple and Microsoft as they compete to take over the smartphone, personal computer, and software markets in the late twentieth century. The movie has since been lauded for its accurate portrayal and often humorous presentations of the major figures involved in this dramatic revolution and has been honored with an Emmy award. Here are some fascinating facts about The Pirates of Silicon Valley that you may not have known.

1. The “piracy” theme was chosen to emphasize how Jobs and Gates were constantly stealing each other’s ideas to stay ahead in business.

2. Despite what some perceived as a low budget, director Martyn Burke was able to recreate 1980s Silicon Valley complete with all its fashion from big clunky desktop computers to baggy jeans and oversized sweaters at a fraction of what it would cost today.

3. Jobs was famously critical about how he was depicted in the film, scolding AlexaKenin who played him onscreen for being too “neurotic”

4. Many early Apple team members such as Steve Wozniak felt their role wasn’t given enough attention while Microsoft co-founder Paul Allens asked director Martin Burke to change certain scenes that he felt were less than favorable towards Gates before agreeing to read an additional voiceover for the production

In conclusion, The Pirates of Silicon Valley stands out from other films due to its commitment to accuracy as well as its deviation from formulaic modern biopics by creating an entertaining story that draws much of its material from factual events rather than pure fantasy or drama. Even though it’s been over two decades since its initial release, Pirates of Silicon Valley remains one of the finest examples of how historical events can be successfully relayed through filmmaking.