What Is The Internet Of Things? This Will Be The Next World Revolution, Don’t Miss It…

The Industrial Revolution

At the end of the 18th century began a process that changed the way people lived… This was the Industrial Revolution, after which humans started using machine power for almost anything they produced and used. This was a huge leap for our race, just imagine what our world would be without all the machines we use in our life. This was when people invented machines and employed them for living a better life. People who took advantage of this trend made millions and even billions of dollars. The industrial revolution also prepared humanity for the next big thing that would happen…

The Internet Revolution

At the end of the 20th century, something called the Internet was invented… Using so many machines everywhere evoked the need for automation. This is how the first computers were born. They could make complicated calculations needed for the work of more and more complicated machines. these computers developed, they processed more and more information and they were used in more and more different areas of our lives. The step to connect all of this information power was a natural event, which led to the second big revolution that changed our life forever – The Internet Revolution. It happened much faster than the first one and changed our life even more… Today, we use the Internet almost everywhere and for anything – from ordering pizza and communicating with people from all around the world to making money and even changing the world further. All people that early noticed this trend could take advantage of it and become millionaires and billionaires. No money was required for this. The web is full of stories of multi-billion companies started in a garage like Google, Amazon, Linked In, and many others. Almost everybody, who noticed this trend made money from it. The Internet changed not only our present but also our future. It also laid the foundations of the third big revolution…

The Internet Of Things (IoT) Revolution

Internet Of Things

Internet Of Things

Computers got connected to the World Wide Web, but this only opened the door for many other possibilities. We started connecting our phones to the Internet (just because, at some point in time they became computers, too), and we started connecting our cars, TVs, and all other smarter devices we use. And devices become smarter and smarter every single day… This makes it possible for more and more devices to be connected to the Internet every single day. And this is what has been happening for the last few years. This is what the Internet Of Things Revolution actually is – a world of interconnected devices of all types. It will transform our world into a place, where everything we use is connected to a global network and all of these things can interact with each other, can be managed through the Internet and can do some really smart and useful things for us… Imagine your fridge knows what you like eating by tracking which from its contents get consumed the most. It could be programmed to automatically order these products online, from your favorite supermarket. You will stop thinking about stupid things like what food to buy when to buy it and how much. You wouldn’t even need to go to the store, your food will be always there in the required quantities. And this is only a small example of what is going to happen in our world in the next few years. Your chair, for instance, could track your weight and could communicate with your fridge. It could ‘tell’ the fridge to start ordering more diet food for you if you start gaining pounds… You will be able to do many more cool things if your machines get connected to the web. You can be able to send mail to your air conditioner and ‘tell’ it to warm your home just before you get there, your home can know what you like and act accordingly. Your car could track your health while driving and all stuff like this. And all of this is already happening now…This is the start of the Internet Of Things Revolution. Today (2015), more than 7 billion of smart devices are connected to the Internet. Just after 5 years (in 2020), there will be 30 billion devices connected, these are the estimations and the expectations. This is why this will be a huge shift in our way of living. This is a huge investment opportunity that happens once in a lifetime. This is why you shouldn’t miss it.

Investing In The Internet Of Things Trend
Well, it’s going to be a big trend, but how to take advantage of it? You can do a lot of things on the matter – from starting to study computer science to finding a job in an IoT company. As we are an investment site, we will give you some investment ideas. We ourselves invest in the Internet Of Things and here I will describe how exactly we do this. All investment suggestions will be exposed on the site.

Final Thoughts

The internet of things (IoT) is transforming the way we live and work. It is allowing for unprecedented levels of communication, coordination, and commerce, and ushering in a new era of interconnectedness.

At its core, the internet of things is the interconnection of everyday physical objects to the internet. This includes everything from home appliances, medical devices, cars, and other vehicles, to industrial machinery, to cities and buildings. By connecting these physical objects to the internet, they can communicate with one another, share data and send instructions.

The potential of the internet of things is far-reaching. It enables better efficiency, economy, and safety, as well as provides access to previously inaccessible information. For example, in healthcare, medical teams can remotely monitor patients’ vital signs and provide medical assistance without ever entering the hospital. In agriculture, IoT devices can monitor soil, water, and air quality, as well as temperature and humidity, allowing farmers to identify and address potential problems in time to avoid damage. In transportation, IoT devices can help optimize traffic flow, monitor vehicles in real-time, and reduce fuel consumption.

IoT is also opening up innovative possibilities for businesses. Companies are leveraging IoT-connected devices to gain valuable customer insights that enable them to develop better and more personalized products and services. By collecting and analyzing data from sensors and devices, businesses are able to make more informed decisions and create tailored user experiences that lead to higher levels of customer satisfaction.

The downside of the internet of things is that it can leave people vulnerable to cyber-attacks, with hackers potentially gaining access to connected devices and data. To counter this risk, businesses need to ensure that their IoT devices are securely connected and well-protected.

The internet of things offers a glimpse into a future of increased connectivity that could bring many benefits. If businesses are able to effectively leverage IoT and protect against cyber-attacks, they can unleash

Please, be aware that investing is risky. There is always a risk to lose money when investing. Please, don’t take our articles as investment advice, decide for yourself whether and how to invest your money.