Google’s History

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How Was Started

It was a nice, beautiful and sunny day in 1995, when a young boy named Sergey Brin met for the first time the man, who would later become his business partner – Larry Page. This happened at the Standford University and they quickly found that they have many common interests. Sergey had the task to show Larry around, who was a new student there. During their very first meeting, they didn’t stop arguing on every single topic they talked about. They had the opposite opinion on almost everything! Nobody would ever suggest, that these two rumbling guys would later create one of the most powerful and famous sites in the world – None of the two students had even an idea about what their friendship would lead to.

One of their school projects they worked on was called “Stanford Digital Library Project“, or just SDLP, which main purpose was the development of an universal digital library. For this to be achieved, they needed an application that could collect information about all pages and sites on the Internet and classify them according to specific criteria. So, in 1996 they launched their first algorithm for crawling the web called BackRub. It started to collect tons of information, but there was a need of classifying it.

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Google In 1997

Larry then thought that the more links to a certain page, the more important it might be for people. The first system for measuring the importance of web pages was based exactly on this proposal and it was called “Page Rank“. This would later become the core of the Google Search Engine, still active and working today.

One very interesting fact was that another search engine existed at the same time. It was called “RankDex” and it was based on nearly the same technology for evaluating web pages. It would be later become very popular, especially in China, under the name Baidu.

Larry and Sergey‘s search engine was initially hosted on the server of The Stanford University. This is how the first version of Google was available at: And things went well. The daily visitors of the site had been rapidly increasing with every single day. After a year, the school’s servers experienced heavy loads and were no more appropriate for the search engine. So, the two young entrepreneurs decided to move their search engine and start their own company. They decided to change the BackRub name and started brainstorming some different ideas. Finally they picked “Googol”, that means a very large number – 1 with a hundred zeros. They registered the domain on the 15th of September 1997 and started searching for financing of their idea. A curious fact is that this name was registered by a mistake, actually Larry and Sergey wanted to get

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