A Cafe Where Everything Is Free – Ziferblat Cafe

This is one new business concept, created by the Russians… Imagine that you can go to a cafe with friends and have everything there for free. You can get anything from the menu at no expense, you can surf the web, have a snack and as many cups of coffee as you wish. And not only nobody will ask you to leave, but you are welcome to stay as much as possible there. Why? Because you pay for your time in the cafe – 3 pence per minute. Every customer gets a clock when he/she enters the store and can stay there for as long as desired. This is the business model of Ziferblat Cafe, the first branch of the chain opened on 29th of January this year. If you are in London, you can visit it at 388 Old Street. It’s been working for a few weeks and the business idea is turning into a success. They still don’t have a website, but their Facebook page (HERE) has already around 8 000 fans. Hundreds of bloggers like me are posting about the innovative venture, which is completely free advertising bringing more and more interest in the idea. This is the first cafe of this type, but as things are going with it, we will see many new branches opening here and there very soon.


The First Ziferblat Cafe


Ziferblat Cafe

Ziferblat Cafe, src: facebook.com/ZiferblatLondon


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