Ship Your Enemies Glitter – Mathew Carpenter’s Weird Business Idea

The ‘ship your enemies glitter’ is one of those crazy business ideas that many people are wondering what an idiot one should be to do something like this. This is one of those ideas that are not only weird and idiotic, but they are also working! And are working so coolly and smoothly, that nobody can believe their success. When I first read about Mathew Carpenter and his site’s story, I just said to myself WTF?!?! It was built around a simple dummy idea that was turned into a successful business in a matter of days… Ok, so here is the story…

The ship your enemies glitter amazing startup story…

Mathew Carpenter has always believed that he can make money from the Internet. He knew he can earn big-time online, so he decided to make a shot. What would he do? The idea was extremely simple. He set up a simple site on which every visitor could send a glitter bomb to his enemies, friends, or anybody else in the world. This cost only $9.99 and the service was as simple as that. I am not kidding you, just to mention that. After the idea was born in Mathew’s head, he immediately took action, and on the 12th of January, 2015, he built the site:

The ship your enemies glitter insane idea became a overnight success.

The ship your enemies glitter insane idea became an overnight success.

So, everything was ready and Carpenter decided to find some media coverage from some big names on the Internet. This was how he contacted,, The Huffington Post,, and some other large media sites. So, what happened next? most of those sites actually published online a story about his glitter bomb-sending business idea… And BOoOOMM…. Just in a matter of a few days, the site gained so much popularity, that it reached around 1.3 million visitors. The site was shared several hundred thousand times on Twitter and Facebook in just one day. Some of those people actually liked the service and decided to try sending some glitter… They began to order and the requests became so much that Mathew found himself in a situation where he just didn’t know what to do. He even started asking his customers to stop ordering his service, because he couldn’t deliver it… This was how the glitter sending got stuck…

“Please stop buying this horrible glitter product — I’m sick of dealing with it.”

Carpenter really felt in trouble, so what do you think he did? Just 10 days after the start, on January 22, 2015, he put the site for sale on Flippa:). After a certain amount of bidding, it was sold for $85 000 to a US guy named Peter Boychuk. The latter managed to turn the business into a working one and he has been operating it since then.

Today, if you need to ship your enemies glitter, you already know the place you can do this. The site is working and its business is growing.

Despite its short lifespan under Carpenter, Ship Your Enemies Glitter remains one of the most famous brands from the early days of internet culture. It shed light on the power of viral marketing techniques and highlighted how quickly such campaigns can snowball. Moreover, it showed cost-effective ways for entrepreneurs to get their products out there and capture people’s attention without having to rely on traditional advertising methods.

Overall, Ship Your Enemies Glitter is a testament to how creative ideas can make waves online if executed correctly. It represented an exciting period of online history where anyone with a good idea could succeed through determination and creativity alone. Carpenter may have shut down his own project but his legacy remains today as one of pop culture’s most iconic examples of internet entrepreneurship and hilarious retribution via shipping glitter!

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