$65 Billion Will Be Poured Down For Crowdfunding – Crowdfunding Statistics

Crowdfunding has become a really big thing in business for the last few years. And it is growing enormous! Some guys from one of the leading crowdfunding platformsFundable – has created an interesting infographic, on which you can see some astonishing facts and trends regarding crowdfunding. This innovative way of financing startups has really expanded, for the last 5 years its growth is more than 1000%, and by the end of 2014, the total growth will reach 1800%. And this amazing expansion is not really strange, having in mind that the average return on $1 investment in a startup generates $6.36 for the investor. The returns are huge and everybody wants them.

In simple words, crowdfunding is raising capital from the broad public, by allowing the ordinary person to invest in a business idea even a single dollar. You can read more about this type of funding here. There are two main variants of this type of financing:

donation -based – investors support an idea, just because they like it, without getting a share in the company. This type of crowdfunding is not really much different from a donation to a bright cause. This is the most popular type among ordinary people.

equity-based – here investors get a stake in the company they are supporting. This type of crowdfunding is less popular because to get a stake people should meet some criteria and have to usually invest more than $1000 dollars.

If you wish, you can try to grasp your share from the pie, by submitting your project/business ideas on some of the top crowdfunding sites here: http://businessideaslab.com/top-crowdfunding-sites/

What The Crowdfunding Market Will In 2014

Crowdfunding predictions for 2014 Crowdfunding predictions for 2014, created by Fundable.