How Start Ups Are Valuated – This Is How You Can Evaluate Your Starting Company

Most of the biggest online companies that exist today – Google, Yahoo, Facebook, eBay, you name it…, probably wouldn’t be here, if they didn’t receive venture capital or angel financing at their beginning. But putting money into a business is the easiest part, accurately evaluating its potential is what makes the difference between a highly successful and a bad investment. Investing in a multi-billion company at its start is like hitting the jackpot. All of the early investors in Google has made millions and even billions (like Andreas von Bechtolsheim for instance). But spotting such a gold mine is not that easy. On the following infographic, created by the start up organization ‘Founders and Founders’, you can see how venture companies evaluate the start ups they finance. Although there are no guarantees, there are definitely certain things one should pay attention to when putting money into someone’s business:


The Magic of Accurately Valuating a Start Up The Magic of Accurately Valuating a Start Up, Author:

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