A Short History of Android – Its Evolution Over The Years

The most popular mobile operating system – Android has made a real revolution in the mobile world. Very soon, more than 1 000 000 000 devices will be using this platform. Having in mind, that this is around 1/7 of the population of the planet, this number is really huge. More than 1 500 000 Android devices are activated every single day and this number is growing. If you are already wondering about how this open source project has expanded that much, you can have a look at this infographic showing a brief history of this great software invention. It was created by Spice Stellar (www.spicestellar.com).

Below you can read about the features and when exactly some of the major Android versions were released, up to the latest version of the platform (by June 2013) – Jelly Bean 4.2.


A Brief History of Android A cool infographic describing the history of the most popular mobile operating system – Android OS. Source: www.spicestellar.com

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