Top 10 Characteristics Of Good Leaders

Being a good leader is really something tough but it’s also really something that is totally worth it. Leadership is a complex thing, and there are actually many blocks that the mindset of the successful leader is build of. It is described as a process of social influence in which one person can empower the help and support of others in reaching a certain goal or completing a task. A good leader is a person who knows how to motivate people and make them believe in what he/she believes him/herself. A good leader leads, but doesn’t dictate. Being a recognized leader not only helps you ahieve amazing things, but it also affects you psychologically. A cocktail of good chemistry is poured into your body, the levels of ‘good’ brain chemicals increase – serotonin (when you get the trust and respect of the people you lead), dopamine and endorphin (when you accomplish a hard task), oxytocin – when you feel your people close and care about them. As a whole, you feel more confident, happier, and more empowered. You get the feeling of a superhuman, you feel like being able to achieve anything that you may want. You kind of… get high naturally. And the better leader you are, the more you achieve, the more your body gets from this chemistry. It’s a kind of a self-reinforcing cycle that could be even dangerous in some situations. So being a good leader is great and this is the only way to make a sizable impact in the world. But wow can you become one? Well, although many think that leaders are just born this way, I think that almost everything about leadership could be learned. This is also how most of the big brains that study leadership think, too. This means that anyone can improve their leaderhip skills. There are many schools out there that teach leadership and some of them successfully. The following infographic was created by The Norwich University, where actually you can get a masters degree in leadership. On it, you can see the top 10 characteristics of good leaders. The information below is based on many years of experience and I think it’s worth getting a look.

Top Leadership Qualities

10 Characteristics Of Leaders 10 Characteristics Of Leaders

How do you think about these qualities? Do you agree they are actually the most important ones for being a good leader? I think one very important¬†characteristic is actually missing from here. Great leaders also serve. I know that this sounds a lot like an oxymoron, how can one serve and at the same time lead? Well, it’s possible and some even think that it’s one of the most powerful ways to influence. Who wouldn’t follow you if you served them and took care about their well being?!? This is why serving the interest of the people you lead is one of the most powerful ways to make these people follow you. Another good way is to lead by example, but this is a matter that could make a totally new article I am considering writing.

What do you think about all of that? I would love to see your comments, feedback, opinion… what is your leadership style and what makes it goo?¬† Please, feel free to drop your thought as a comment below. Also, don’t miss checking out some of the related posts below. You could also share some social love by just using one of our beautiful social buttons on the page. Especially if you liked this nice leadership article.

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