How Great Leaders Inspire Action? Simon Sinek Explains Here

How to be a great leader? This short movie will take you one step further into the depths of leadership. Here you will see what exactly some of the greatest leaders of all time have done to inspire and motivate the people around them. This is another great TED video that will give you some great insights into how exactly leadership works. Simon Sinek will show you why companies like Apple and people like Martin Luther King actually manage to change the world. The video is a must-watch for every great leader wannabe and an excellent choice for everyone who wants to learn how to motivate people.

Who Is Simon Sinek?

Simon Sinek, one of the world’s most renowned leadership and business speakers, is the author of the book “Start With Why” which has become a hugely popular manifesto since its publication in 2009. Since then he has become a powerful voice when it comes to inspiring people to find and follow their passions.

He is a master of motivation and inspiration, racking up interviews on top publications such as The Wall Street Journal and appearing in keynote talks like his now famous TED Talk that has had millions of views.

Sinek believes if you start with why – and your personal values – success will follow. He urges individuals to focus on this inner purpose to be able to more effectively engage with their current work and life journeys.

His practical advice for leaders is dispelling the myth that success comes from solely focusing on goals and results. Instead, Sinek encourages companies to strive for a deeper sense of success by instilling values and motivating everyone to unite behind a purpose.

Through countless books, blog posts, talks, lectures, and conferences – Sinek has made a powerful impact on our lives. His passionate take on motivating team members toward success is far more attainable when firms focus on shared values rather than just financial gains or goals.

Given this impact, it is no surprise that Sinek frequently features in top-notch business articles with his latest being “Leaders Eat Last” where he introduces an incredible framework to shape how organizations can do right by both their employees and customers.

Long story short – if you are looking for an inspirational push in the right direction – Simon Sinek is definitely one of the greats who can help you achieve that goal!

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