Your Online Doctor On Demand – The Start Up Gets $3 Million In Seed Funding

Do you need a medical help? Now you can visit an online doctor by using your mobile phone…

The last time when I went to visit my doctor, I spent around 2 hours of my precious time, only to get diagnosed with a flue. In many cases, you have to wait for a day, before even arranging an appointment. Probably, waiting is a common and pesky problem for many of us, when visiting a doc. But the guys from American Well saw a great business opportunity in this. Adam Jackson, Pat Basu and Jay McGraw have made a mobile app, with which you can get professional and instant medical help via your Android or iOS mobile phone. No more waiting to see your physician, because, with this app, your online doctor is just a few clicks away. Adam, Pat, and Jay used modern technology not only to solve a very common contemporary problem but also to start a very successful business, too.

This innovative business idea, which managed to collect $3 million in seed funding, has been gaining momentum for some time now. Everyone, who has the Doctor on Demand app on his or her phone can contact a professional medic and talk with him/her about medical issues. You can even send images or video to the doc, in order to get a better diagnosis. Each consultation costs $40 per every 15 minutes. Currently, more than 1 000 highly qualified doctors are available for this service 16 hours per day – from 7:00 to 23:00.

Doctor on demand

Doctor on demand

With The Doctor On Demand Mobile App, Your Online Doctor Is a Few Clicks Away

You can get the app by visiting its official site, or you can get it from Google Play or App Store.

Not only this app is a great opportunity for people with various health issues, but this is a nice way for physicians to practice their profession remotely and earn some extra income. In some countries, people wait for even a month before they can see their doctor. This story is a bright example of how to start a very good business, and the more I write about startups, the more I see that the best thing you can do to found a successful startup is to:

find a common problem, then just find a solution to it and offer this to people

This is the simplest and most effective recipe for success, and if you read more stories on this site, you will realize this yourself. Doctor On Demand is just another example of this startup maxim…

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