Emil Motycka – a Cool Story of a 13 Years Old Entrepreneur

Starting a Business at 13

What did you do, when you were 13? Playing around with the kids from your neighborhood, going to school, doing your homework… Most probably you didn’t take an $8 000 loan and started your own company :). But this is exactly what Emil Motycka did when he was in the eighth grade. He used the money to buy a lawnmower and start his company called “Motycka Enterprises”.

Motycka Enterprises

The kid was obsessed by the business spirit at a very early age. When he was in first grade, he started selling golf balls which he collected around a place where golf courses were provided. He had cleaned the strayed balls and sold them for a dollar, near his home. So it was not a big surprise for his parents when the kid announced that he wanted to move on and start a company. How did he come to exactly this business idea? Once, his uncle asked him to mow his lawn for $10 then his neighbors asked for the same, and this is how everything started. At 13, Emil found himself with his own company, which helped him make a 6 figure income at the end of his last year in high school.

Lawn mowing business. pic: sxc.hu Lawn mowing business. pic: sxc.hu

Motycka had no business experience, nor did he have an appropriate education… But this didn’t stop him follow his dreams. He has always wanted to do something by himself and just did it. Lawn mowing might not seem to be the most prestigious profession, but for him, this was the path to freedom. Money can be made anywhere, even from some really usual activities that anyone can do. He is the pure proof that no education, no skills, no money are needed to be successful. You just need to do it!

Today “Motycka Enterprises” is a company employing more than 60 people. They offer many different kinds of garden services, even light installations for the new year and other celebrations.

If you would like to take advantage of his services or just to get in contact with him, you can reach Emil here: