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The Start Up Story Of redBus – A Company Founded By 3 Indian Entrepreneurs From Ground Zero

In mid-2013, Indian travel entity redBus was officially acquired by Nasper – a South African based media and Internet group – via IbiboGroup, Nasper’s Indian subsidiary. Looking back on the company’s short history since its startup less than a decade ago, you would almost agree that the partnership with a company of Nasper’s class is...

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The Start Up Story Of Basecamp And Jason Fried

Basecamp is one of the coolest companies in the world. Its headquarter is in Chicago, but everyone working there is free to live and work from anywhere else in the world. This is how, not much surprising, many of the employees of Basecamp work from home and other convenient locations. The company has an amazing...

Dhiraj Rajaram

How Mu Sigma Was Started

Whoever thought a novel idea could be transformed into a multi-million dollar business venture in less than half a decade? Well, to one Dhiraj C Rajam, that’s a possibility, because it’s exactly how he started his now world-famous Mu Sigma business analytics company. To Mr. Dhiraj, becoming a businessman, let alone a successful one, was one...