3 Cool College Start Ups

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Many of the greatest business ideas were generated by college students. This trend hasn’t changed so far. Here are the stories of 3 American students, who have built successful business out of their ideas.

Zac Workman – Punch


Knock yourself out – source: www.punchenergy.com

Zac was an ordinary student in the Indiana University, who liked having energy drinks. But no matter how hard he tried, he wasn’t able to find a such a drink entirely made of natural products. At this he saw a good business opportunity and decided to grasp that niche. He found a family recipe for a fruit punch and used it to create his energy drink, which he simply called ‘PUNCH’. It tasted cool and was meeting some dietary requirements. The young entrepreneur managed to persuade his parent to finance his venture with $200 000 starting capital and he began production. He sold it under the slogan ‘Knock yourself out’. Slowly he found some distributors, who wanted to sell his beverage and the sales went off. In 2009, he made around $1 000 000 in revenue.

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Ben Lewis – Give Water


Give Water – source: www.drinkgive.com

Ben Lewis was a student in the University of Pennsylvania, when he came up with the idea for his ‘Give Water’. It was an ordinary mineral water with the only difference – a part of the sale price of each bottle went to charity. There were bottles with several different colors and the buyer could choose to what cause to donate – the green bottle was for environmental causes, the red bottle was for fighting with breast cancer, etc. He talked to some local small stores about selling his product and managed to persuade a few of them. This is how he took off. Soon, his water was noticed by distributors who started selling it around the country. At the end of 2009 Ben’s company reached more than $600 000 in sales. One of the dreams of the young entrepreneur is to be able to donate at least a million of dollars yearly to charity.

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Hermony Way – Newspepper.com

Newpepper.com's Logo

Newpepper.com’s Logo

Hermony Way was on her way to a journalism degree. She was trying to get a job to cover living expenses, but soon she found out that nobody wanted to pay a good salary to a second year student looking for work experience. That’s why she bought a domain name and founded the site www.newspepper.com . The main business strategy of her venture was to make it possible for students to get paid work experience and in other hand to offer the articles and materials to some big medias at a lower cost. Hermony used her student loan for start up capital and began working on her idea. Later she created a business plan and showed it to some investors. This way she managed to arrange a financing from a business angel to expand her idea.