Ryland Ggoldman – A Story Of A 7 Years Old Entrepreneur

Ryland’s Restaurant is a cool place to have a snack. People really like it and the food there is tasty. The business has a big potential for growth but the owner and the manager of the venture has some restrictions from mommy and daddy… Pretty understandable, having in mind that he is just 7 years old boy… Actually, the kid has been thinking about founding a restaurant since he was just 3 years old, and after the Goldman family changed their house, Ryland decided to make his dream happen. His new home happened to be on a busy street, where there were lots of walkers during the day. The young entrepreneur spotted potential in them, he wanted to sell them some meals. The parents and their children heading to the nearby school every morning are the main target customers. So, this is how his little restaurant opened doors.

The Business Model

Ryland's Restaurant - Image credit: bellenews.com

Ryland’s Restaurant – Image credit: bellenews.com

The boy gets up early in the morning to prepare some food like brownies and muffins. He goes with his father to buy some Starbucks coffee, milk and orange juice, which he offers, too. He has even created his own menu on his home computer. This is how the young guy has made his dream come true. He is bringing money home at 7. But this is not the whole story… Ryland is also a boy, who loves charity causes. He has decided to donate half of the money earned to his elementary school. So far he has already given several hundred dollars to this cause.

Ryland made this happen all by himself. Not only his parents didn’t help him, but they have the opposite thing to do. The boy wants to do his business more and more and his mom and dad struggle to make him pay the needed attention to school and homework. He is just a little kid after all…

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