How Entrepreneurs Think

Catch an entrepreneur and take all his/her money, let her start all over and she will most probably rebuild her wealth again. Give to a poor guy the big money, and he will most probably be poor again in a while. There are hundreds of stories about people who won the lottery and had nothing again just in a couple of years. So what would be the difference between a guy who just can’t succeed in business and a guy who is a serial successor? The answer to this question is simply – the way of thinking.

Entrepreneurship is a mindset. You are an entrepreneur because of the way you think, not because of the things you know or the money you have. If you want to be one, you should think differently. Your mindset is initially formed in your childhood, by your parents and family, then in school, high school, university, etc. But you are taught to be an entrepreneur almost nowhere. Most of the people for example study for years to find a high paid nine to five job. Most of them dedicate a big part of their lives to finding and keeping a job and building a career. In fact, this is what you are most probably taught in school, and this is why you want to graduate, isn’t it? A small group of people doesn’t actually care about graduating they care more about following their dreams. Have you ever wondered about why are there so many billionaires who have never graduated from collegeRichard Branson, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and many more? Most of them just didn’t want to waste their time, they simply had the courage to follow their dreams. They all think differently than the ordinary person.

On the following picture, created by the consulting company Founders and Founders, you can see some typical way of thinking of an entrepreneur and a usual person. Can you recognize some of your thoughts looking at it:)?

Entrepreneurs Way of Thinking Entrepreneurs Way of Thinking – by

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