7 Things Successful Entrepreneurs Don’t Do

Entrepreneurs are people, who have a certain mindset. If you take two random successful entrepreneurs you will be amazed by how much in common they have in their thinking. They would not only be similar regarding the things they do but also there would be many things they never do. Here is an interesting article on the matter that we found on the Internet. Below you can see 7 things any self-respecting successful entrepreneur doesn’t do. If you want to become such, it would not be enough only to do certain things, you should also stop doing some like these:

The Things Successful Entrepreneurs Don’t Do

1. They don’t think about work-life balance.
They’re mostly workaholics. What that means is their work comes first. It’s what they live for. They’re not freewheeling, fun-loving people who live for the weekend. They live to do what they love, and that’s work.

2. They don’t try to be what they’re not.
Probably the most damaging business myth to come along in decades is personal branding. You are not a product, and you can’t change who you are. Besides, real entrepreneurs don’t think about themselves. They think about their ideas and how to turn them into great products and services. And they deliver.

3. They don’t do it for the money.
They don’t whine about how hard they work for peanuts. They just do it. And because they’re passionate about what they do and focused like a laser beam, the money eventually comes, big-time.

4. They don’t have day jobs.
Great entrepreneurs don’t just dip their toes in the water. They jump in head first without a thought about the rocks below. They don’t do a little of this and a little of that. When they hit on something they think is really cool and exciting, they go all in.

5. They don’t give in to fear.
They don’t pay attention to those voices in their heads – you know, the ones that haunt you with everything that can go wrong. They’re not fearless, mind you. Nobody is. They just don’t let their fear stop them from taking risks. They do listen to some voices, though: the voice of reason and their instincts.

6. They don’t have grand visions.
While some do have grand delusions that they’re destined for greatness – a prophecy that’s often self-fulfilling, interestingly enough – for the most part, they generally don’t have grand visions for their companies. Zuckerberg, for example, wasn’t trying to create a company. He just wanted to rate the looks of fellow classmates.

7. They don’t have virtual mentors.
Most people follow all sorts of writers, bloggers, and tweeters these days. That’s fine, but to get somewhere in life, to do great things, you have to have real mentors in the real world. Former Intel chairman Andy Grove mentored Steve Jobs. Jobs, in turn, advised Google founders, Larry Page and Sergey Brin. Behind every great entrepreneur is at least one great mentor. A real one.

Most importantly, real entrepreneurs don’t call themselves entrepreneurs. They don’t do what everyone else is doing. They don’t follow the status quo, conventional wisdom, or popular fads. They carve their own unique path. They’re leaders of their own destinies. That’s what drives them. And that’s why they succeed.

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