Entrepreneurship Trends/Forecasts – More Woman Entrepreneurs By 2020

Entrepreneurs in the world has been steadily growing, especially for the last several years. This is because several different factors, one of which is the recession that hit the global economy several years ago. A great moment to start on your own is when you have your job lost. Another great factor is Internet, which made it really accessible and easy for many people to start an on-line venture, you can start an online business with no money at all. The group of entrepreneurs in the world is expanding rapidly and according to the start up organization FundersAndFounders, their number will increase 2.5 times until year 2020. On the following infographic you can see some important trends about this matter. According to its creators, there are around 380 million entrepreneurs in the world today. By the year 2020, this number will reach 1 billion people. They project that the number of job offers will be reduced by then, and this will be the main reason for more and more people to start their businesses. Another interesting projection is that women will become more and more involved in various business activities, because of the fact that their husbands will be more likely to find themselves jobless. This and some other interesting facts you can see below.


Entrepreneurs Are Growing Entrepreneurs Are Growing, Source: fundersandfounders.com

So, are you ready for the world of entrepreneurship. If these projections come true, a big part of the working population on Earth will be from entrepreneurs. If you haven’t thought of becoming one, probably you should think again. The future will be ruled by them and with the explosive advance of technology, this may happen sooner than than you may expect. Just to have it in mind.

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