The Incredible Story Of Flappy Bird And Its Creator Dong Nguyen

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Today’s world is amazing, it totally is. We live in time of opportunities and possibilities. This story is a bright example of how free market combined with some creativity and may be luck can make you a multi-millionaire in a matter of months. This is the astonishing story of a young Vietnamese developer who, because of suffering from the ‘too much spare time’ syndrome , decided to write a very simple game with awful graphics… Eventually, that turned out to make him incredibly rich, because of one simple reason – people just liked it! I am talking about the fabulous story of Flappy Bird and its creator Dong Nguyen, who made . Here it is…

Dong Nguyen Was Totally Unknown Developer

Flappy Bird

The picture Dong Nguyen used to announce the publication of the game on Google Play store. Source: his Twitter profile:

Dong Nguyen was an ordinary Vietnamese guy, who lived with his parents in Hanoi. He grew up in a small village called Van Phuc, later he move to Hanoi. There he worked a full time job as a developer and he was living just a normal life. He had a spare weekend once, so he decided to write a mobile game. His idea was to create a really simple, but attractive app, that had to look like the old console games, which most of us enjoyed more than a decade ago. What was born that weekend was a simple side-scroller game, in which you just need to control a flying bird, by moving it up and down and preventing it from hitting the green pipes appearing in front of it. The faster you tap the screen, the higher the bird goes, that was it. The game was given the name ‘Flappy Bird’ (because it flaps when you touch the screen). Then he published the game for free on the iOS App Store on the 24th of May, 2014. Dong hoped he would be able to make a few buck a month from the ads built in the application.

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The Flappy Bird Gets Lost

After Flappy Bird was up and read on the App Store, nobody actually wanted it. As you may know, there are millions of apps there. Flappy Bird just got lost among them. It remained totally unknown game for more than 8 months.

And one day the universe smiled at Dong…

As nobody new about Flappy Bird for many months, something really strange happened. Surprise, surprise… Just in a matter of weeks, the popularity of the game exploded big time. The game became viral and the number of people that downloaded it increased exponentially every single day. It became one of the most installed apps in many countries around the world, everybody played it. It started spreading so rapidly, that it began bringing more than $50 000 in revenue to its young creator. Not bad for a 2 days work, is it? Dong Nguyen started getting rich, really rich. So, what do you think happened next?

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Flappy Bird was taken down by Dong

Dong Nguyen

Dong Nguyen – the guy whose life was devastated by his success…A picture from a video on, published by him.