Angry Birds – A Game For Millions Of Dollars – History

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Today you will hardly find a young person, who hasn’t heard about ‘Angry Birds‘, especially if she has a smartphone. This engaging mobile game has become one of the most popular on the market and has made millions of dollars for its creators – three young entrepreneurs who love games. But how has that happened? Here is how:


Back in 2003, three young and crazy about computer games students attended the University of Technology in Helsinki. Their names were Kim Dikert, Niked Hed, and Jarno Vakevainen and one day their passion about games made them found a company under the name Relude. Well, it was not only passion… Actually, the young team had recently won the first place in a competition sponsored by Hewlett Packard and Nokia with their multiplayer game called ‘The King of the Cabbage World’. The main business activity of the venture was – mobile game development. Two years later, in 2005, their company arranged its first financial injection from business angels and its name was changed to Rovio Mobile Ltd.

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Angry Birds

Angry Birds

The popular online game Angry Birds – screenshot.

In 2009, Angry birds was just the next game under development in Rovio Mobile. Nobody could have predicted the huge success that the game was about to bring. That time, Rovio was mainly working as a subcontractor for big names in the sector like Electronic Arts, but the management wanted their own big project. So, the external tasks were reduced and the young team consisting already of 25 people started searching for the big idea that would make them independent. After some brainstorming sessions and many ideas discussed, a sketch of a bird with a bad face was the thing that caught the attention of the group the most. Everybody was simply charmed by the wingless bird, so they decided to make a gameplay for it. This is how the start of Angry Birds was put. Nearly 50% of the working power was allocated for the project. After several months of hard work, the first version of the game was released on the App Store – in December 2009. And the chain reaction had begun. Just after a few days, the game became number one in Finland. Two months after, Angry Birds conquered UK and in the end of February 2010 it reached the first place in the US. People just became crazy about the game and the downloads were exponentially growing. Initially the game was developed only for iPhone, but soon it became available for Android OS and some other platforms. This caused another explosion in popularity.

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