The Young Entrepreneurs Who Lived Illegally In A Classroom To Found “Forced”

The game Forced is a popular RPG game with some tactical elements for up to 4 players. There you are a slave, who is forced to fight for his freedom or die. The game is available on Steam Store and has been a very popular app there. This makes it also a very successful business, and this business has a really cool story.

Forced History

The game was developed by a group of enthusiasts, passionate about gaming and computers. They found a spare classroom at the university they studied at and decided to use it for their first office. They secretly moved in leaving their apartments, bringing all kinds of living necessities there like beds, TVs, and computers. So, they started working on the game there and practically live there. It was not the most convenient place on Earth, but the young team was working on making their dream happen. They spent more than 7 months there, without anyone noticing them. But soon they got caught by a teacher and were forced to leave the room. They found themselves in a situation in which they had no money, no place to work, and no place to live. They found a cheap house to rent and this is how the home problem was resolved. Now they needed money to resume the development of FORCED. Having not many options for financing their venture, they decided to try crowdsourcing. They opened a campaign on Kickstarter which was initially disappointing, nobody supported them. Then a miracle happened. They uploaded an image there, which got really viral and more than a million people saw it. This is how their crowdfunding campaign got really popular and they managed to raise the requested amount of more than $65 000. This money helped them to stay afloat for a couple of years, but they still couldn’t break through. After 2,5 years they were running out of money and they decided to take a personal loan of $200 000. This gave them some more time, they had to make it or break it. They tried really hard and after 3 years they actually made it!

A really cool story, for more details please, see below:

This is the cool story behind the game FORCED.

This is the cool story behind the game FORCED.

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