The Fruit Guys – How Chris Mittelstaedt Started A Fresh Food Delivery Service For Millions

The and their fresh fruits delivery service

A common US company is a combination of the owner’s efforts and entrepreneurship and his employee’s work; together with the sweat and all the time, both sides can give they can create a successful business. Chris Mittelstaedt is the man behind the FruitGuys ( – a company delivering fresh, organic fruits and fruit baskets around the United States in order to help the people live a healthier and more blossoming life.

The FruitGuys was started back in 1998 when the urge to stop employees stuff themselves with cheap snacks and unhealthy fast food at the office struck Chris Mittelstaedt. Actually, it had been an idea for a long time, but at that very moment, mainly due to his wife’s surprising pregnancy, he had to quit his temporary job for $9 a day and create something that would feed not only himself but also the child that was coming.  He created an organic business that lived over a decade and is still in its youth. But things were not that easy as it seemed. After the .com crash, his business was almost destroyed and Chris even had to stop his fruit delivery service for some time because of a nice $50,000 bad debt of his firm and an even larger loan of 100,000 on his name. But like most of the successful entrepreneurs out there, he did not give up. An optimization plan was empowered and he has managed to rise again and take over the States.


Now, the company is one of the fastest growing organic suppliers in the States, delivering to over 3,000 businesses and having companies such as Yahoo!, Yamaha and Wells Fargo in the list of permanent clients. Keeping people happy and healthy through nature is Chris Mittelstaedt’s way to fight for the future of the United States.

So if you need a fruit basket, you can have it by just dialing 1-877-FRUIT-ME, or visiting the FruitGuys’ site. Selling fruits online is a very little explored business idea and I think this is a nice way to start a small business online. The market is still not overcrowded and there is some place for new competitors…

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