Truckily’s Start Up Story – How Derek Kean and Matthew Berkland Created A Mobile Food Truck Finder

Do you have a food truck business?

If you had a food truck, you are suggested to constantly change your location in order to catch as many sales as possible. But this also makes it harder for your potential customers to know where exactly you are. The problem would even be bigger if you already have some loyal clients who like your stuff and are eager to buy from you on a regular basis. If they can’t find you every time they would want to purchase your products, their loyalty will quickly expire. This probably is a major issue for every truck shop… Well, at least it had been till not a long ago, not anymore. The two entrepreneurs Derek Kean and Matthew Berkland have created the ultimate marketing solution for you. This bright and innovative business idea is called Truckily.

How the Truckily locator works

This is a mobile application with which you can constantly update your customers on the exact position of your food truck. Actually, you don’t need to do anything to share your location. If you have Truckily, this will happen automatically. Every time your position changes, it will be shared on major social networks and your clients will be able to see a convenient Google map on their mobile devices. This is how all of your social followers and fans will know where exactly you are at any part of the day. Every time someone wants to have again some of your delicious ice cream, she will be able to find you with a click or two and even run a navigation to your store. In today’s world marketing is crucial for any business and Truckily is undoubtedly a great marketing tool for any traveling merchant operating a food truck.

Truckily is an innovative web and online marketing tool for food trucks.

Truckily is an innovative web and online marketing tool for food trucks.

These days, it seems like food trucks are all the rage. From cupcake emporiums to taco stands, food trucks offer a diverse range of cuisines that have become increasingly popular. And with the advent of the internet and mobile technology, the food truck industry has become even bigger. has been hailed as the next generation of food truck management software that helps food truck owners stay connected with their customers, manage their bookings and payments, and optimize their routes for maximum sales. Customers, on the other hand, can book or follow their favorite food trucks with ease, and discover new ones in their area. The app has been designed with both food truck owners and customers in mind. It has a simple and intuitive user interface that lets customers quickly search for food trucks in their area and filter them according to cuisine, location, specials, and more.

In addition, customers can follow their favorite food trucks, receive uptodate notifications on their events, and even preorder their meals for collection when the truck arrives. For food truck owners, the app provides them with plenty of features and tools that can help them stay connected with their customers. They can manage and organize their bookings, accept payments on their smartphone and tablet, and track their location and arrival times. This helps truck owners save time and money and keep customers updated with the latest news and promotions.

In addition to being a comprehensive online food truck tracker and booking system, also provides detailed analytics and reporting to help food truck owners and customers alike. Truckilys analytics allow truck owners to see data on where their customers come from, what cuisine they prefer, when they visited, and much more. This helps them optimize their routes and target the right customers more effectively.

All in all, the app is an efficient and costeffective way for customers and food truck owners to stay connected and make the most of the food truck industry. Whether youre a food truck owner or a customer looking for something new, this is the perfect app for you.

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