Tardar Sauce – The Dwarf Grumpy Cat That Made $100 Mil For Tabatha Bundesen

Tabatha Bundesen

She was a waitress at first, but one cat with dwarfism would later radically change her life. This is the amazing story of Tabatha Bundesen and her friend, the cat Tardar Sauce.

what kind of cat is a grumpy cat?

The animal was born to normal parents, but it had a strange grumpy look because of dwarfism. Tabatha’s brother found this really funny and one day he decided to shoot (talking about a camera here) the cat and post the picture to the popular social site Reddit. The photo wade a boom there. Then, just in 48 hours, the pic got more than 45 million views on the image-sharing site Imgur. And this was only the start of a chain reaction. Tabatha Bundesen realized that she had won a jackpot. She quit her job just after a few days and dedicated herself entirely to her animal superstar. Since then, Grumpy Cat has brought nearly $100 million in revenue from media activities. But this is not all at all. The cat has just become a movie star, too. It plays a major role in the film ‘Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever’. The movie was just released.

Today Grumpy Cat is one of the most popular animals in the world. It has its own manager, a website, its own movie, and popularity that many humans just can dream of. But most of the time Tardar Sauce lives a pretty normal cat life.

Grumpy Cat

The Grumpy Cat, source: www.grumpycats.com

Tadar Sauce

When it comes to cats, none are as famous and beloved as Tardar Sauce Grumpy Cat. Born on April 4th, 2012, this grumpy-looking kitty quickly gained international notoriety with her signature scowl, making her one of the most popular cats on the internet.

Tardar Sauce may look grumpy, but she definitely has a sunny disposition in real life. She is a mixed-breed cat with a plush, thick coat of vibrant orange fur, bright blue eyes, and brown-and-white markings. Despite her grumpy exterior, Tardar Sauce is a loving and gentle soul who loves cuddles, playing in the garden, and spending time with her owners.

While Tardar may be known for her grouchiness, she is actually quite the daredevil. She loves catching bugs and leaping off high places. She also loves to beat up stuffed animals and even attack other cats if need be. The cat has proven to be an incredibly reliable and loyal house pet. She is always there to lend a helping paw or a comforting purr when her owners need her.

Tardar’s face has been featured on t-shirts, mugs, and even cat food. She has made an appearance on the daytime talk show “Anderson Live” and had a guest spot on “Katie.” She also has a website, GrumpyCat.com, and a YouTube channel with over 6 million subscribers.

More about the grumpy cat breed

This form of dwarfism that makes cats look grumpy is a genetic condition. The animals that have it are smaller, with shorter legs, and have an underbite. The Munchkin, even not the same, is the original breed of dwarf cats. The animals are smaller and have short legs, but they don’t have the grumpy look. This is why the real grumpy cat is not a breed, but just a genetic condition caused by a mutation that can affect all breeds. This is why having a grumpy pet rises some ethical questions. This condition may be accompanied by serious health issues of the cat and in some forms of dwarfism (like The Munchkin). In a family of two of these cats, 25% of the newborn kittens die, because they are homozygous for the munchkin gene which is a lethal condition. This is why it’s not really ethical developing such breeds.
I just need to say here, that Tadar Sauce was a naturally-born dwarf to a normal cat family.

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