7 Email Marketing Best Practices

Email marketing was a very popular marketing strategy in the early and middle stages of the Internet era. Actually, it was one of the main online channels marketers used to reach their target groups of people. Although it is not as popular today as it was, this can still be a very effective method for increasing sales and gaining popularity. But, it should be done the right way! Even though the method is as old as the e-mail itself, there are still some things that many people understand wrong about it. In the following infographic, you can see the top 7 myths about e-mail marketing. These myths are based on some research made by a company called Alchemy Worx. According to the statistics collected by these guys and gals, we can extract the following 7 email marketing best practices that will make your marketing campaign become more effective and lucrative.

E-mail marketing best practices:

1. Customers receive loads of e-mails from trusted brands. Well, the truth is that big brand companies don’t like spamming their customers too much. 40% of all customers receive 3 or fewer emails from different established brands in a day.
2. It’s not true that the best time to send the e-mails from your campaign is 3 pm. 85% of the customers open their mails up to 2 days after receiving them. 32% of those who decide to make a purchase based on the email do this 2 weeks after receiving it.
3. Don’t remove your inactive user from your list. 20% of all e-mail openings are made by a user who was not active for the last 6 months.
4. You don’t get ignored more if you send more e-mails. Sending 4 emails instead of 1 in a month doubles the number of people opening one of your e-mails.
5. Write short, straight and clear subjects of your emails. They are the most effective. And be careful, because your e-mail finishes in the spam folder mainly because of their subjects. Don’t make them look like spam.
6. Don’t be so afraid from the spam button as statistics show that just 1 in every 2000 people will mark an e-mail as spam. However, this number has been increasing…

Now see the myths about e-mail marketing here…

Big Myths About Email Marketing

Big Myths About Email Marketing

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