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Truckily is an innovative web and online marketing tool for food trucks.

Truckily’s Start Up Story – A Mobile Food Truck Finder

Do you have a food truck business? If you had a food truck, you are suggested to constantly change your location in order to catch as many sales as possible. But this also makes it harder for your potential customers to know where exactly you are. The problem would even be bigger if you already have some loyal clients who like your stuff and are eager to buy from you on a regular basis. If they can’t find you every time they would want to purchase your products, their loyalty will quickly expire. This probably is a major issue for...

Produce energy while running, biking or even walking.

nPower PEG – Generate Electricity While Running

Have you thought about utilizing the energy you burn while running and using it for producing an electricity for example? Well, the guys from Tremont Electric, a small startup in Cleveland, not only have thought about this, they have made it real. Their innovative product is called nPower PEG (PEG – personal electric generator) and it is a simple and highly effective generator. It captures some of the kinetic energy your body produces and transforms it into electricity. So, if your mobile phone is low on battery, you can have a walk in the park to recharge it. Or you...

Confession: A Roman Catholic App

The Confession App – Roman Catholic Confession Guide Heping With Rite of Penance

The Confession App Everyone has sins… some have bigger, others have smaller. What else would be a greater business idea than taking advantage of this?!? Just brilliant, isn’t it? Your market would be simply all people from all around the world. Especially those that want to make a confession for their sins. This is what a small innovative company is making great business out of. It was founded by Patrick Leinen and it’s called Little i Apps . It is a small software business, they make mobile apps and one of their products provides a service helping you with rite of penance.... – An Innovation In The Social Networking World

Facebook and Twitter and a few other big social sharks have been dominating the social world for many, many years now. Big sites have become a part of everyday’s life of so many people, that many think it’s impossible for a new player to come to the hood. Big players have established a solid oligopoly that’s nearly unbreakable. I thought so, too, but actually, this turned out to be an illusion. Innovation has always been the greatest fear of titans in business and this is what, a brand new social network, employs to rush to the top. Is Different Ello...

Drone Advertising

Raj Singh Invents Drone Advertising And Founds DroneCast

Today you can see ads everywhere – on the TV, on this site, on your way back home… Ads are literally everywhere, but I have never thought about this way of advertising – with drones. It’s simply genius. It’s definitely the type of ads that make a good impression and that are well remembered. Imagine that you are doing your work at the office and you see a strange flying thing inviting you to have a tasty lunch in the restaurant across the street. The drone comes exactly at lunchtime and inevitably grasps the attention even of the most dedicated worker....