Who Is Nick Vujicic? Do You Need Some Motivation? (Video)

What To Do If You Fall…

What to do if you fall? You try to get back up… What to do if you can not get back up a hundred times? You try again… I was looking around for cool business videos and I came across this one. This is one of the most motivating clips I have ever watched. It’s about a guy who is without legs and arms, but who is stronger and more motivated than 99% of all of us. His name is Nick Vujicic and this man is a hero, I simply can not find the words right now… His fight is just beautiful, admirable and anyone can learn something here. Although he is disabled, he has achieved more in life than many of us. I worship before him and his strength and spirit. I wish him the best of the best in life. Here is the video, you just need to watch it.

Nicholas James “Nick” Vujicic – evangelist and motivational speaker, who was born with the tetra-amelia syndrome. This is a rare disorder characterized by the absence of legs and arms. As a child, he struggled emotionally and physically because of his faith. But when he turned 17, he started his own non-profit organization called “Life Without Limbs”. Vujicic presents motivational speeches worldwide, on life with a disability, hope and finding meaning in life. He also speaks about his belief that God can use any willing heart to do his work and that God is big enough to overcome any and all disabilities.

Nick Vujicic’s nonprofit organization “Life Without Limbs” was mainly founded to inspire and spark the flame of hope in people’s lives, who are in a similar position to his. Read more about the organization here: http://www.lifewithoutlimbs.org/

You can read more about this astonishing person here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nick_Vujicic

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