The Amazing Start Up Story Of And Its Founder Jeff Bezos

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Loading... – is a website that even a kid well knows today. Millions of customers, both returning and new ones, visit this online marketplace to find everything they need to buy online. Their mission is to offer any product under the sun, to anyone, anywhere in the world… And they have been doing this really successfully for more than 20 years… Inc. is undoubtedly a pioneer in online retailing. The company offers almost everything – from books, videos, CDs, DVDs, toys to automotive parts, lab & scientific supplies, power transmission products and so on. An here in this interesting article, you will be able to read the amazing start up story of the company and its founder. As almost any other great business, this one was started really small (in a garage 🙂 ), by one person armed with only with great ambitions and a bright idea – the main components of great success

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Jeff Bezos – The Amazing Start Up Story Of An Amazing Entrepreneur


Jeff Bezos, The Founder Of Amazon (Wikimedia)

Jeff Bezos, The Founder Of Amazon (Wikimedia)

Internet had just started to gain a tremendous popularity in the 90-ties and it had started to affect people’s lifestyles and the way they do business. As Internet was slowly penetrating into the daily life, companies began perceiving the web as a new avenue for commerce. Selling products over the web, offered a variety of opportunities, but it was not so easy, as it may seem today. One of the greatest entrepreneurs of that time was Jeff Bezos, the founder of

In 1994, 30 years old Bezos was working as a vice-president in the Wall Street firm D.E. Shaw. These were the times when the Internet was just starting to boom… One day he read a report, which outlined the projected annual web growth, and the figures there amazed him – more than 2000 % annually. Jeff realized that the potential of this new thing would be huge, so huge that he decided to leave his secure job and move to Seattle to start working on what would later become Amazon. Bezos made a list of 20 products that could be easily sold on the Internet. Next, he focused on the 5 most promising of them: books, compact discs, computer hardware, computer software and videos. Bezos’ general business idea was to sell books online, taking advantage of the growing popularity of the World Wide Web, the big target audience and the vast choice of books that were published. He believed that books can be sold at reasonable prices and he would be able to very easily ship them. And this was how the idea behind one of the first online book stores was born!

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