The Engaging Story Of People Helping People and Patrick Bet-David

Patrick Bet David

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Patrick Bet-David didn’t have an easy childhood. He was born in Iran in 1970, during the Iranian revolution. He suffered from war and all the bad consequences it caused. When he was 10 years old, he and his mother escaped from hell, they left Iran and went to Germany where they spent 2 years living in a refugee camp there. When he was 12, they went to the United States and settled there. But his childhood continued to be a tough one. He was not doing well in school, and all other kids actually avoided him. When he graduated from high school, he didn’t want to continue with his further education. He decided to join the army, instead. He was a soldier for several years and then he became a civilian again. He started looking for a job, but it was tough because he didn’t go to college and he had no degrees. He worked in a gym for a while and didn’t stop searching for something better paid. One day he was called by a big financial company – Morgan Stanley. He went on an interview and his resume had a joke in it. The hiring manager actually enjoyed reading it and laughed at it. In fact, this was the reason Patrick was hired. He got a nice job at a big international company, but something was still missing, he was not satisfied. This was how he decided to start on his own. After gaining some experience in his work, he left, and in 2009 he started People Helping People, a financial company offering 401k plans, insurance, and other financial services. This was about to turn into a huge success, even though the world was in a financial collapse at that time. Today, People Helping People is one of the fastest growing financial companies in the USA. The business has more than 5000 agents in more than 30 states and billions of dollars of revenue. Quite a successful startup, isn’t it?

So, who said the best time to start a business is when you are under 30? Patrick Bet-David did it when he was almost 40, as many other really successful entrepreneurs did. Read about them here:

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