The Habits Of The Wealthiest People

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Why do some people have money, while some others struggle to make enough for a living during their entire life? Why are there wealthy and poor people, and why some people will never get rich? Although there are no easy answers to these questions, there are some major differences between the poor and the riches. The guys from compiled an interesting infographic on which you can clearly see how differently both of the groups approach some of the most ordinary things in our life, like watching TV. The infographic is based on research made by Thomas Corley, who interviewed several hundreds of people. All of the rich people had an annual income of more than $160 000 and net assets of more than $3,2 million, while any of the poor earned less than $30 000 yearly and had less than $5000 in net assets. You can see some really curious facts about the everyday life of these people below.

The Habits Of The Riches

The habits of the riches, by

The habits of the riches, by

So, if you want to be rich you better stop watching TV, start getting up earlier, make a to-do list, and start thinking about how to learn some new things.
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