Bradley Whitford’s Speech At The University of Wisconsin in 2004

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We found an interesting speech, in which you can learn some more about the importance of taking action. It is the commencement speech of actor Bradley Whitford, held in 2004 in the University of Wisconsin. It’s a little long reading, but it’s worth every second you spend on it. Taking action here is the sixth point of his rules for success, but not the sixth by importance. Here you can take advantage of some other and really inspirational thoughts, too.

The Commencement Speech Of Bradley Whitford At The University of Wisconsin in 2004

It’s great to be back in my hometown. On behalf of the acting president of the United States, I want to congratulate you all on your tremendous achievement.

A commencement address is what we call in show business a tough gig. You’ve got a huge room, you’ve got a big, distracted crowd that thinks they know everything about everything – and probably stayed out a little too late last night celebrating. I heard you at the hotel, by the way. And you’ve got a bunch of family members of various ages who you have to worry about offending if you happen to get a little too honest.

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Somebody once said it’s like being the body at a wake. They stick you in the middle of the room, but deep down they really don’t want to hear a lot out of you.

The sad truth is, I don’t even remember who the speaker was at my graduation. I remember squinting a lot and a vague sense that I would never again be around so many attractive, available young people in my life. It is my solemn duty to inform you that that fear is entirely well founded. This is coming from a guy who works in Hollywood, by the way.

So I begin this address not only with the full expectation that I will soon be forgotten, but with the additional humiliation that there will probably be no one there to remind you of who I was.

I just want to take a moment to note that the commencement speaker at Concordia College this year was the president of the United States, George W. Bush. Concordia has about 5,000 students. The University of Wisconsin has about 40,000. Yes, my friends, the question hangs over this beautiful Kohl Center like a foul stench. Why couldn’t you get a more significant speaker?

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