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Entrepreneurship quotes from some of the greatest entrepreneurs of our time.

31 Entrepreneurship Quotes And Advice On Starting A Business

Starting a business is actually not that hard. Making it successful and keeping it this way is a tough task. Actually starting up is one of the easiest steps of the entrepreneurship game. Yes, there are many problems you need to solve before you launch your company – what to do, where to get money from, etc. But these are really easy questions. Then comes the real struggle – running the business successfully. More than 90% of startups don’t make it in the long run just because they get drowned somewhere in the ocean of problems they start sailing in....

21 Mind Your Own Business Quotes And Sayings

Have you ever experienced the need to tell someone not to mess in your affairs? I bet you have. There are so many cheeky people that I think everyone has been in such a situation. I really hate when people start putting their noses into my business. If you are like me, here are some cool mind your own business quotes you can use the next time when you need to tell someone to take care of his/her own things. These are some of the coolest and most popular quotes on the matter, so I think you will enjoy them. Quotes...

44 Inspiring Quotes For Boosting Your Motivation

44 Inspiring Quotes For Boosting Your Motivation

  Inspiration is a key factor not only in business but also in any other aspect of life. If you have inspiration, you have also motivation. In fact, inspiration is pretty much the best motivation, isn’t it? In this sense, we found a cool presentation in which you can find 44 really inspiring quotes from 44 great entrepreneurs, authors, inventors. So, have a look below and get your dose.   44 Inspiring Quotes   Great quotes, aren’t they? If you think so, please, consider sharing this post on some social sites. Thanks for that.

Bradley Whitford’s Speech At The University of Wisconsin in 2004

Bradley Whitford’s Speech At The University of Wisconsin in 2004

We found an interesting speech, in which you can learn some more about the importance of taking action. It is the commencement speech of actor Bradley Whitford, held in 2004 in the University of Wisconsin. It’s a little longer reading, but it’s worth every second you spend on it. Taking action here is the sixth point of his rules for success, but not the sixth by importance. Here you can take advantage of some other and really inspirational thoughts, too. The Commencement Speech Of Bradley Whitford At The University of Wisconsin in 2004 It’s great to be back in my...

Be Punctual - an important key to success.

The Most Important Key To Succeed According To Dan Kennedy

If there was a thing that was the simple and clear key to success… Just one thing, which if it was done well could reward you with an impending success. Too good to be true? Maybe not… Even though I don’t think that a universal way to do anything exists, according to author Dan Kennedy there is such a thing. And not only he knows about it, but also he has written an entire book on this matter. And here is the only habit one should master and stick to, to be successful. Punctuality The author has been exploring punctuality...

Steve Jobs 2010

Top 15 Inspirational Quotes By Steve Jobs About Life And Business

Steve Jobs is one of the … Well, I think that everybody knows who he is… I will not explain this here, if you need to read his story, you can go here. I will just mention that he is one of the people I truly admire and I think it is really worth it to learn from his experience. A lot can be read about him, and I you don’t actually know where to start, you can go through some of his most famous quotes here. In this post, you will see some of the most popular and inspiring...

Mark Zuckerberg at his computer

12 Popular Quotes of Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerburg is one of the most successful entrepreneurs of the 21st century. He is one of the founders and currently the CEO of the extremely popular social networking site – Facebook. What makes him so admirable is the fact that he started from zero when he was 19, and achieved big success at a very young age. Currently, he is 31 years old and his net worth, as of November 2015 is estimated at $35.7 billion. A thing about him, that is worth being mentioned here is that he never worked for the money. Money is never the driving force behind the...

20 Popular Quotes Of Bill Gates

Bill Gates is one of the most successful entrepreneurs of our time. He is one of the founders and owners of the software giant Microsoft. Recently he was the richest person in the world, currently, he is the second in this list with his net worth of $72 billion in 2013. Here you can see some of the most popular and engaging quotes of his:   Quotes On Success * Don’t compare yourself with anyone in this world…if you do so, you are insulting yourself. * Success is a lousy teacher. It seduces smart people into thinking they can’t lose....

How to Be a Billionaire – Advice for Success From 18 Top Billionaires

How to Be a Billionaire – Advice for Success From 18 Top Billionaires

This post will be really cool. On this interactive image, you can see advice for success from some of the most famous and prosperous entrepreneurs in the world. They are not only self-made billionaires but also they are the most successful ones. They are the big players in the game, and here they share their best principles, which they followed in their personal and business lives to become what they are. This is an amazing resource and source of motivation. Reading their advice, you can not only benefit from the experience they have, but you can also see what exactly...

Need Some Motivation? Get Some From Steve Jobs By Watching This.

Need Some Motivation? Get Some From Steve Jobs By Watching This.

Are you running low on motivation? Has your energy just depleted for some time now? Well, that happens from time to time to anybody. This short video is made to change this… See some life lessons from some very successful people, who share how they made it. You know…, quitters never win and winners never quit. This is what makes the difference between success and failure. According to some statistical data, only one percent of people have the passion to take risks, entrepreneurial risks… The rest feel comfortable working for an already established company for all of their lives… You...