What Is A Business Plan? A Simple Definition For Dummies

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What is a business plan? Do you know the answer of this question? It seems to be obvious, but when asked, many people actually find it difficult to give an exact definition. This is why we decided to write a short article on the matter.

A Simple Definition

Actually, it’s a very simple thing:

A business plan is simply a statement of business goals, containing some plans and details about how exactly to achieve them. It describes the future plans of your business and is a kind of a roadmap showing how exactly you are going to develop your company.

That’s it, in some really simple words. Actually everything that describes your future business plans and suggests some ways for achieving them may be considered a business plan. Have you ever had an idea about your company which you put on a paper sketching with it some important task about making it happen? Well, this is the simplest form of a business plan. There are no strict rules about how to write one, it can be written even on a single page, and sometimes this is the best way to do it. In other situations you may need to make it a little bit longer, on order to describe your business better an in a more detailed manner. It’s all up to you and the situation you are in.

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Why Do I Need One?

A roadmap for your business.

A roadmap for your business.

Every business needs a business plan, especially start ups. It set the goals you need to accomplish and you can use it to share these goals with employees, partners and other interested parties to make sure everyone in your team knows where they are going. It’s the path you should follow and not having one is like a journey without a clear direction. It will help you to stay focused and prevent you from staggering in the wrong direction.

If you are starting up, the chances of finding financing for your business without such a plan are close to zero. Usually this is one of the must have documents when you are applying for financing.

Such a plan will be also helpful for you, too. Writing one will show you so many things you didn’t even suggested you need to address in order to do your business.

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At the end, there is one popular saying on the matter: