How Ellon Musk Started In Business

Ellon Musk is one of the greatest entrepreneurs of our time, that’s for sure. His story is a great one, too. And here are some good news… You can watch it here. There is a popular saying “Sky is the limit”… On the following video, you will see how this super successful entrepreneur reached not only the sky but also space (literally). The video below is a part of the popular “Bloomberg Risk Takers” series and it will show you how Ellon got to where he is today. You will see not only the bumps and dumps he went through but also some of the most successful moments of his life. You will see the stories of the companies he started, among which are names like PayPal, Tesla, SpeceX, and where these innovative businesses are going today. It’s a video about changing the world. This guy is so dedicated to changing the world, that he risked several times all of his wealth to save his companies from bankruptcy. This is why this clip is worth watching because it will teach you a lesson or two about surviving in business. Here you are:

A short biography of Ellon Musk