Who Is Mark Cuban? A Short Biography

Who Is He?

Mark Cuban is a famous entrepreneur, businessman, investor, and writer. He is also a popular figure in the world of sports and has quickly become a household name. His daring style and outspoken nature are ever-present on the basketball court and in media circles. He is a lively character with a storied past. To understand Mark Cuban’s success, one should look at the history of Mark Cuban. Understanding where he came from, then, you can better understand how he got where he is today. Cuban’s net worth in 2013 is around $2,4 billion, making him one of the wealthiest and most influential people in the US. This discussion focuses on the business beginnings of Mark Cuban and the foundation for which the mega-millionaire began.

Where Did He Begin?

Mark Cuban did not begin his career as a mogul. He had to pay his dues and work his way up in society. He started his first business venture when he was only 12. At that time he really wanted to buy a pair of expensive basketball shoes, but he didn’t have the money for them. So he decided to earn it by selling garbage bags. Then he realized that good sellers don’t stay hungry. He managed to pay for his college education by selling stamps. 🙂 In 1982, Mark took one of his first jobs as a bartender in Dallas. After working at the bar, he made some vital connections that allowed him to move into a better position as a software salesman for a PC company. The future multi-mogul was utilizing his interpersonal skills and charismatic skills not on the basketball court, but in the boardroom where he became a successful worker. So successful in fact, that he then used the knowledge he had gained and started his own software company – MicroSolutions. Using clients from his previous job, his new company became a great success and provided him with financial independence.

Caching In

Marc Cuban

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Following this company venture, Cuban sold his business and then began another. After building up this company as well, he once again let go of it for a large profit. Now a millionaire, the mogul felt it important to diversify his financial investments. For this reason, he began picking up and purchasing several different companies. He became a partner in many different businesses like software platform developers and social media endeavors. He was not happy being the head of one company but wanted to have his hand in every lucrative venture he could find, in order to assure that he would not collapse during a market crash. His smart business logic has paid off and he continues to remain a diversified investor today.


One of Mark Cuban’s most popular endeavors is in the world of basketball. In 2000, just eighteen years after, he purchased a majority stake in a basketball team known as the Dallas Mavericks. This purchase was made for nearly 300 million dollars and made his business ventures become about the media as well. He was an investor in a large and popular franchise and the world of sports loved his dynamic personality.

Knowing the history of Mark Cuban is more than just about understanding one man and how he rose to prominence. In contrast, his journey demonstrates what can be achieved through hard work and effort. Within twenty years, Mark went from a virtual unknown to a great and prominent character in the world of sports and business. It should serve as an example of what can be done with some effort and dedication.

Shark Tank

In 2003, Cuban joined the cast of the reality show “Shark Tank,” which documents budding entrepreneurs pitting their pitches and products to a group of investors who can choose to invest in them. Cuban himself has made various investments in the show and coined the catchphrase “It’s a No from me,” which has become popular among viewers.

The concept for the show came from producer Mark Burnett. He got the idea from a Japanese show called “Tiger of Money”. The show has become a huge success and has even spawned an international version as well as an online version.

The show consists of a panel of investors, known as the “sharks”. The sharks are self-made millionaires and billionaires who invest their own money into the business ideas presented to them. Each shark has their own unique approach to the businesses they invest in, and the entrepreneurs must be prepared with a business plan, a demonstration of the product or service, and a presentation that includes questions asked by the sharks.

The sharks evaluate the presentation on the criteria of customer base, cost structure, scalability, and potential. The entrepreneurs are then given the opportunity to make their “pitch” and try to convince the sharks that their product/service is worth investing in. If a deal is made, the entrepreneurs can receive anywhere from a few hundred thousand to a few million.

More About Mark Cuban

Overall, Mark Cuban’s impressive resume of successful businesses, investments, and philanthropy has made him a well-respected businessman and one of the most well-known entrepreneurs of our time. He is sure to remain a major player in the business world and will continue to amass success much like he has done up to this point in his career.

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