What Is WordPress And How It Was Created? The Story Of The Best Free Blog Platform Today

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What Is WordPress?

A simple, powerful and elegant solution for writing online – this was the main idea that gave birth to the most popular free blogging platform today – WordPress. It is an open-source content management system (CMS), making the creation of professional websites a kids game. Based on the PHP programming language and the MySQL database engine, WordPress is a very powerful tool in the hands of the webmaster. With tens of thousands of different plugins (add-ons) and themes, you can easily create whatever site you may like with this free platform. And this can be done literally for minutes. Its simplicity and functionality has made it the best choice not only for starting webmasters, but also for the professional ones.

How WordPress was created…

Wordpress Logo, 2012

WordPress Logo, 2012

Back in 2001, a guy named Michel Valdrighi started developing a simple web platform, allowing its users to create a site, on which they can simply post whatever messages they wanted. It was called b2 cafelog and just after two years, around 2 500 different sites used this system. Then two other guys appeared on the horizon – Mike Little and Matt Mullenweg, who liked the platform, but wanted to make their version of it. So, they used its code and started building their own content management system. They didn’t know how to call it, until a friend of Matt’s –¬†Christine Selleck – suggested the name “WordPress“. So, this was how the first version was born, back in 2003.

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In 2004, Movable Type was a leading blogging system, but a change in their licensing terms caused many of their users to switch to WordPress. By that time, version 1.2 was released, in which plugins were introduced. They were small extensions of the main system, allowing users to increase the functionality of their sites. Plugins were installed independently and could be desinged to bring whatever functionality was needed. These small pieces of code made a revolution in the further development of WordPress and are one of the components, which should be blamed for its popularity today. They could be easily developed, installed and used with the main platform, by practically anyone.

In 2005, version 1.5 was released in which another great feature  was developed РWordPress Themes. They made it possible to completely change the look of your WP site with a few clicks, using a pre-made design (theme). In spite of some vulnerabilities of the platform, its users continued to grow very fast. It was simply usable and was meeting the requirements of the broad public.

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