A History of Tumblr – See How David Karp Founded The Company

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Tumblr.com has gained prominence in recent years as a micro blogging platform which has allowed millions of people around the world to share whatever they like. The reason for the site’s popularity is that you don’t need to write long blog posts in order to stand a chance of getting noticed. If you take photos then you can share them with the world, likewise if you find something funny online then again you can share it with the world. This platform originated from one man, David Karp and his lead developer Marco Arment.

It was through a lack of patience on David Karp’s part that the website came into existence. David Karp was born in 1986 and at the age of 11 began learning HTML from a book. He dropped out of high school at age of 15 in a bid to form his own company. At the age of 19, a new word began to hit the Internet called ‘tumblelog’ which referred to short blog posts. This idea caught David’s eye and already the seeds of Tumblr were being sown in his mind. David waited for a while to see if anybody launched a website based around this idea, but that never looked like it was going to happen. David teamed up with his friend Marco Arment to begin developing the Tumblr website. On 1st November 2007 the site was fully launched and the history of micro blogging changed forever.

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Much of the popularity that Tumblr gained was from the media interest, after all nothing like this had appeared on the internet before. Users were able to like other people’s posts as well as reblog them onto their own blog, further sharing the information that was posted on Tumblr. This really helped gain many more users who had talent to showcase which they were unable to do in other places. Later on in the life of Tumblr the users were able to follow others in order to have fresh content served up on their dashboard from people that they actually liked.

Tumblr - Logo

Tumblr.com – Logo

In the middle of 2011 the Tumblr website secured venture capital worth over $40 million in order to allow the website to grow. The company is currently valued at over $80 million and achieves most of its revenue from selling themes and allowing users to have ‘sponsored’ posts. Further monetization is planned for the future.

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