Kids Entrepreneurs – The Sanchez Kids Who Started A Courier Business

Have you heard about Speedy Sanchez and the story of the Sanchez family? If not, I think this will be interesting reading for you.  This is a ‘no way out’ story, that actually led to the founding of a successful company by a bunch of kids trying to make the ends meet. Kids that took control of their destiny and who are a bright example of how everybody can start a business, even without money, education, and experience. All you need is the right mindset and motivation. Here is their story…

How to make money for kids – The Speedy Sanchez

The family lived in San Diego, USA. Instead of thinking about games and mischief, the Sanchez kids (Abraham, Laura, and Ruth) had to start bringing the butter to the table at a really young age. A few years ago they found themselves in a really tough situation. Their father was sent to prison and their home business went bankrupt. Their mother was disabled, so she couldn’t work to provide for the family. This was how the Sanchez kids had to quickly become adults. First, they lived in a shelter and then in The Monarch School (an institution for homeless children). Their future was dark, but a guy named John Rosicky was there to

The Speedy Sanchez

The Speedy Sanchez

help. He became a mentor to the entrepreneurial kids and with his help, they decided to start a courier services business. The plan was to deliver almost everything, letters, small packages, even pizza, and dry-cleaning pickups, using bicycles. So this was how the Speedy Sanchez company was born. Paying the price of just $10 you can get almost everything delivered in San Diego by Speedy Sanchez. Today, their business is going well, they are cycling around the town and working for their dreams. They live in a small apartment with his mom and save money for their college. If you are anywhere in San Diego, you could give The Speedy Sanchez services a shot. This way you could support these young and hardworking entrepreneurs and their efforts for a better life. You can also visit their site here:, where everybody is able to order delivery in a while. I think that these guys totally deserve some more success and I wish them the best of luck. Everybody who works hard and fair deserves to succeed and I am glad they have already been making it. By the way, UPS was started very similarly, with no money and very small. Everybody knows where they are nowadays… Everything is possible in America…

Kids Entrepreneurs

Most of us have dreams of becoming our own boss one day, but for some inspired young entrepreneurs, those dreams can become a reality at a very young age. Kids entrepreneurs are an emerging topic in the business world, as more and more children show their entrepreneurial spirit in an area often considered to be the domain of adults. These inspiring kids are making a name for themselves, by finding unique ways to make money and create their own ventures.

From product inventors to budding marketers, there are all types of kids entrepreneurs out there. And with modern technology and massive opportunities accessible to almost anyone with an internet connection, the sky’s the limit when it comes to making money as a kid. From selling homemade jewelry at school markets or lemonade stands at local carnivals, to setting up your own online store selling digital products or services; there are lots of creative money-making ideas that kids can explore.

But starting up a business is not just about making money. It’s about learning valuable skills that will benefit them in their future careers – from mastering time management, customer service, and financial literacy, to understanding how to market their product or service and increasing their knowledge of the industry they’re operating in. For kids entrepreneurs, these real-world lessons can be invaluable, helping them build confidence and hone their entrepreneurial spirit as they gain experience in running their own venture.

Perhaps even more significantly, when successful kids entrepreneurs share their stories and mentor others who want to follow in their footsteps; other ambitious young people can gain the inspiration they need to take those first steps towards achieving their business goals. Seeing tangible results is a great motivating factor for today’s aspiring youth. If they understand that someone has achieved success while they were still children or teenagers, then it clearly demonstrates what’s possible with hard work, creativity, and perseverance.

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