Housing.co.in – Advitiya Sharma Starts Top Real Estate Site in India

Just by holding a dinner meeting with Mr. Haresh Chalwa, managing partner at India Value Fund Advisors (IVFA) and former Network 18 CEO, Housing.co.in closed on another funding deal less than four weeks since their previous investment. At least according to Mr. Advitiya Sharma, co-founder, housing.co.in, Mr. Haresh was impressed with the team and its product and that’s why he made the funding.

Whether that’s exactly what happened, or some secret relationship between housing.co.in and Mr. Haresh triggered the funding, the company’s success story truly merits anybody’s faith and trust (including Mr. Haresh’s).



The housing portal idea came up in 2012 when Advitiya and 11 friends, all in their early 20-ties, all from IIT – Bombay, set out to look for accommodation in Mumbai. It took 30 frustrating days for each one of them to find an apartment, and this really fueled their urge to find a solution for it. Some people see problems, entrepreneurs always see opportunities. This is how the idea behind housing.co.in was born.

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They all decided to drop their newly acquired jobs and start a 3D map based portal which they hoped would redefine Mumbai’s real estate websites’ landscape. And yes it did. The company is now a behemoth in India boasting more than 700 staff members, operating in 10 of India’s biggest cities, and receiving more than 90,000 new visitors on their website every day. There are even suggestions that Housing.co.in comes third only to 99Acres.com and MagicBricks.com in terms of traffic.

Exploring the neighbourhood with housing.co.in

Exploring the neighbourhood with housing.co.in

Simply by addressing the problem of lack of authentic information needed by real estate agents and home owners in buying and selling, the company grew to become the powerhouse it is in a span of less than two years. This must have been so compelling to Mr. Haresh!

Housing.co.in is a really special start up not only because the cool idea behind it, but also because of the fact that it was founded by 12 co-founders. Most of the start ups have 1-3 founders, but this one has a dozen… This is really cool, because this means that their team is cohesive, it’s a well oiled machine and this is one of the most important things for success in business.

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