Jonah White Earned $50 Million By Making People Ugly – The Billy Bob Teeth

Jonah White is a successful and a little weird entrepreneur, one of the founders of  Billy-Bob Teeth Inc. He and his partner Rich Bailey made more than $50 million dollars by actually making people look ugly. This is one of the craziest, and at the same time profitable business ideas I have ever heard of. Their first and most successful product – the billy bob teeth made a revolution in how people smile. The founders claim that their ugly teeth are sold in more than 150 countries from around the world and so far, they have manufactured and sold more than 20 million of them. Cool ah… And below is how all happened…

Billy Bob Teeth’s Story

Back in 1993, Jonah White was a student at Missouri State University in Springfield. One day during the fall, he went to watch a football game at the uni. There he saw a strange hilly-billy guy, laughing and flirting with the crowd. He had the ugliest teeth ever, and at the same time, he was so confident. He was even asking every girl he could about her phone number. This guy was Rich Bailey, who actually was a dentist. After the match Jonah White met him almost accidentally, neither of them even imagined that this meeting would later lead to something big. The two became friends and one day they decided to monetize the ugly teeth idea. This is how Billy Bob teeth were born. This was their first product and it became a market hit not long ago after its launch.

Billy-Bob Teeth Inc.

Billy-Bob Teeth Inc.

Jonah and Rich have been doing this business for more than 20 years. Their crazy business idea made them millionaires and their products are still actual, after so much time. One of the coolest things about crazy ideas is their potential to be marketed all by themselves. When people see a crazy and curious product, this makes impressions. And they tend to share their impressions with friends and relatives. The friends and relatives get also impressed, and they would also share with their friends. This is how the product spreads all by itself.

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