Mark Zuckerberg’s Story – Video

This is a story of a life that many people dream of. The story of an ordinary student, who changed the way we communicate with our friends and our society as a whole. Mark Zuckerberg is one of the founders of the most popular social network – Facebook. He is just 29, but he has created a company valued at $100 billion dollars, a platform used by hundreds of billions of people from around the world, and here is the story of how he did all of this. This movie traces the life of Mark and shows the path he took to success. Watch the story of a guy who climbed to the top starting from completely nothing. You can try to figure out what makes him different than you, me and the other ordinary people. Many people think that he is an extraordinary person, by in fact he is more like me and you than you think. However, with a tiny difference… he is a billionaire. So see here how he made his billions from the very beginning. Nice watching.

A History of Mark Zuckerberg – Game Changers – Bloomberg

This is one of the movies from the series of Bloomberg Television, called “Game Changers”. Don’t miss watching another episode of these series dedicated to Sergey Brin. Please use the social buttons, if you like this post, cool!