10 Popular Quotes of Mark Zuckerburg

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I love writing about cool and innovative business ideas, I also enjoy Internet. This is how one day I decided to create the site BusinessIdeaslab.com. After then, it has become the place, where I can have some fun creating cool stories about the most succesful and innovative start ups, entrepreneurs, business ideas and other cool topics.

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  1. When I feel lack of motivation, I go through some quotes like these to fill up my reserves. Works really well.

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    Cool, these are some really nice quotations of the founder of Facebook. I really enjoy reading quotes like these and I think they can be very useful. I use them as a fuel for my motivation, some quotes are very inspiring. By the way, you can find some more cool quotes of Zuckerberg here: http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/authors/m/mark_zuckerberg.html

    I hope you like em.

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    Zuckerberg is great! He is one of my favourite leaders and entrepreneurs. His success is admirable and I think his words here are really wise. Everybody can obtain some experience through them. And I am happy reading through the post. I hope you update it regularly.

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