Some Amazing And Curious Facts About Google’s Popularity

Google has been one of the greatest companies of our time. It is the perfect example of how one could create a multi-billion business out of nothing, with only a great idea, passion, and entrepreneurial spirit. More than 190 million people visit the sites of the company every single month and this number has been growing year after year. On the following infographic created by Wishpond, you can see some interesting statistics about the popularity of some Google sites. The information is from March 2013 and shows how big the business of the company really is. For example, they pay more than $7 billion every year to their publishers through the Adsense program, many of which are just ordinary bloggers like me. This is a good source of income for many people, especially those living in the developing countries. More interesting statistics about the company you can see below. If you would like to read the amazing story behind Google, go here:


Some cool Google statistics and facts. Some cool Google statistics and facts.

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