How To Become Rich? Ask The Richest People In The World

This below is a nice set of infographics, where you can see how some famous billionaires made their first billion of dollars. Most of the richest people in the world were actually poor at the beginning of their lives, they are self-made billionaires. But how did they make their first billion of dollars? Here is how Warren Buffett, Elon Musk, Lilliane Bettencourt, Oprah Winfrey and Li-Ka-Shing did it. Below are the early stories of these people and the steps they made to their wealth.

Buffett has realized from very young age that he will become an investor. He bought his first stock at 11 and was business oriented since even earlier. Musk was already a self-taught programmer when he was just 12. He always knew that technology would become his destiny. Lilliane Bettencourt began working for L’Oreal when she was 15 and today she is the biggest shareholder of her father’s company. Her first job was putting labels on the bottles with cosmetics. Li-Ka-Shing’s family was really poor, when he was a little boy. He had to drop out of school after his fathers death, because he had to earn money for his family. He started working in a factory for 16 hours every day.

These and many more interesting facts you can see on the infographics below, created by eBay Deals (

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