30 Online Marketing Facts You May Not Know

Online marketing has changed the way companies do business nowadays. Today you can buy anything on the Internet – from groceries to a luxury apartment on an exotic island. Businesses invest more and more money into their online presence, seeing the potential of this channel for reaching their customers. And this kind of marketing is still gaining momentum. According to some statistics, just one-third of the population on The Earth use the World Wide Web on a daily basis. So if you haven’t thought about Internet marketing, maybe it is a good time to start. With the boom of smartphones and mobile Internet, the rest of the two-thirds of the world’s population will start reaching the web sooner than you can imagine. Did you know that the e-mails read on mobile devices have increased by 80% just for the last six months? This nice infographic will show you 30 interesting facts you may not know how to increase your popularity by using some simple techniques. These tips will help you boost your campaigns and make them more penetrating. You will see here what are the most successful models you can use for building your website and what the average visitor likes to see online. Going through the infographic below, I just realized that I could increase the number of visitors on this site by hundreds of percent, by simply writing regularly longer list posts that include images and cool videos. This is because:

* List posts with images and videos tend to attract 567% more traffic and links
* The average length of a page that is ranked in top 10 results by search engines is 2 000 words
* Articles with more than 1 500 words get 68% more tweets and 22% more likes
* Websites that publish fresh content regularly get 5 times more visitors

I am going to give these a shot. Really cool tips, see all of them here:

30 Online Marketing Tips For Increasing Your Popularity 30 tips for building a successful online presence, by OPTIMIND TECHNOLOGY

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