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See how marketing affects our brain.

How Marketing Affects Our Brains

Today’s life is full of advertisements. You can see them almost anywhere – at the gym, on the TV, on the Internet… How do you think, do these ads influence your brain? Most of the people think that ads don’t affect them, but actually, they kind of do. And this happens pretty much unconsciously, this...

Some Mobile Commerce Stats

Mobile Commerce Trends – Sales Are Exploding

The Mobile Commerce Trend Is Pointing To A Rapid Expansion In Mobile Sales Mobile commerce seems to be the next really hot thing in business, it’s been spreading around the world like a plague for the last few years. This year, for example, more than 1 billion Android devices will be sold in the world....

Big Myths About Email Marketing

7 Email Marketing Best Practices

Email marketing was a very popular marketing strategy in the early and middle stages of the Internet era. Actually, it was one of the main online channels marketers used to reach their target groups of people. Although it is not as popular today as it was, this can still be a very effective method for...

200 Ranking Factors for 2013 and 2014

200 Ranking Factors For 2013/2014

On-line marketing has been growing for many years and it has become a constantly expanding multi-billion industry. Any business must have presence on-line, nowadays this can be the difference between failure and success. SEO is one of the most, if not the one most important aspect of on-line marketing. Companies from all around the world...