See How A. J. Scribante Turned $500 Into A $65 Million Business

This is another cool and engaging success story, the story of A.J. Scribante and the corporation he founded – Majers Corp. Like many other successful entrepreneurs, Scribante managed to make a decent fortune starting with just a few hundred bucks, see how…

His Story

As a kid, the young A.J. worked for his dad, who had a small bakery store. His family lived in Osage City, a small town in Kansas with a population of only a few thousand people. After graduating from school, Scribante got interested in sales and this is how his entrepreneurial journey began.

He started selling a bleach product to stores and wanted to find a great way to do it. He began comparing the differences in the prices of his and other products in regional supermarkets. This way he could make more sales by selling cheaply in the areas where the prices were high.

A. J. Scribante - the founder of MAJERS Corp.

A. J. Scribante – the founder of MAJERS Corp., Image source:

Scribante began collecting grocery store ads from newspapers and magazines all around the Midwest, he put the ads into a  booklet, which he could show to fellow suppliers and stores. This turned out to be a really wanted service. Knowing the prices of the competition was valuable information for many businesses. This is how the main idea behind the $65 billion corporation called MAJERS Corp. was born.

Soon MAJERS Corp. began a big international company with customers like Pepsi, General Foods, Procter & Gamble, and many others. A.J. Scribante published a book ‘Shelf Life’, in which he describes in detail how he created his very successful business empire.

Yep, everything is possible in the United States, this story is just another proof of that. Anyone can become a millionaire just with a good idea, dedication, and some hard work. Good luck to you!


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