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Amazon was also started in a garage

5 Big High Tech Businesses Started in a Garage

Did you know that many of the biggest Internet companies today were started in a garage? These multi-billion businesses had barely anything at the beginning, the most important thing for their success turned out to be simply a great business idea. Here are the stories of some of the most popular ‘garage start ups‘: Google...

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3 Internet Start Up Ideas That Were Turned Into Multi-Million Businesses

Foursquare’s Start-Up Story While some of the world’s biggest internet phenomenon can spark from the thin air of life-in-motion, other concepts are slowly developed from several meetups. Sometimes there are several conversations and ideas that have to mold into one dynamic app. Naveen Selvadurai and Dennis Crawley, Founders of the mega-popular app Foursquare took a...

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What Is Mad Mimi’s Start Up Story – An E-mail Marketing Company Started 100% From the Ground

What Is Mad Mimi? Mad Mimi is, as they claim on their site (, is “The world’s most sensible, enjoyable email marketing tool.”. It’s an e-mail marketing company that offers services like organizing, executing and tracking of e-mail marketing campaigns. For example, you can register for free, get a ready to use code from their...