What Is Mad Mimi’s Start Up Story – An E-mail Marketing Company Started 100% From the Ground

What Is Mad Mimi?

Mad Mimi is, as they claim on their site (madmimi.com), is “The world’s most sensible, enjoyable email marketing tool.”. It’s an e-mail marketing company that offers services like organizing, executing and tracking of e-mail marketing campaigns. For example, you can register for free, get a ready to use code from their site, put it on your site or blog and … VIOLA! Now you have your own e-mail subscription service for your visitors. As simple as that… Now they will be able to subscribe to your mail list. Everyone that subscribes by the box on your site gets on your list, and then you can use Mad Mimi to organize track and execute your campaigns. Pretty straightforward. And one of the greatest things here is that this service is totally free for up to 10 000 e-mails per month.

How The Company Was Started

A Mad Mimi icon

A Mad Mimi icon – blog.madmimi.com

Mad Mimi has not only a good service, its story is quite engaging, too. An amazing fact is that this multi-million business was started totally from the ground. It was founded in 2008, by Gary Levitt, who didn’t even mean to make an e-mail marketing company in the beginning, he just wanted to create a really cool and simple e-mail. As many other great businesses, a real-life problem led to the birth of Mad Mimi…

Initially, Gary needed a good e-mail service, he would use it to market his small music company online. But finding one turned out to be not really a smooth task. They checked many e-mail providers and they didn’t like any of them. So what would be the most natural resolution of all of this? They decided to create their own super duper e-mail company. And they did it, but this was just the beginning… Soon, people started asking them to start using their email and this was how their first customers arose. They saw the great opportunity, grasped it and developed it. After a while, it was possible for everyone to register and start using their service for e-mail marketing campaigns. This was how today’s Mad Mimi was born.

GoDaddy Acquires Mad Mimi

In August 2014, one of the most important thing in Mad Mimi’s life happened. It was acquired by the biggest shark in the domain registration and online services business – GoDaddy.com. The e-mail marketing company was purchased for an undisclosed amount allowing the company to keep its identity and continue doing the magic with all same employees there. They made a good effort keeping the sum in secret, but many suggest that it was in the middle 8 figures or around $30-50 million. This was a pretty sweet cash out for Gary Levitt – founder and CEO of the company. After the deal, Mad Mimi received a big solid back up and access to almost a zillion new potential customers, those of GoDaddy.

Start Earning With Mad Mimi

Mad Mimi has a pretty cool affiliate program, they offer anyone the opportunity to earn from their simple, funny and easy to use services. The only thing you should do to start is going there and make an account on their site. Then, you get an affiliate link and the only thing you need to do is begin spreading the word for the company. And here is a curious fact, recently I opened my mailbox and saw that GoDaddy has just paid me around $400. Initially, I thought that this was a mistake, and in the next few days, I got in touch with GoDaddy asking them to check the payment out. I was ready to refund it, but then I got a mail form Mad Mimi saying that this payment was just right for me, they had paid me my affiliate commissions. I don’t even know how I earned this amount, the only thing I remember on the matter is a year or two ago I recommended their services by posting just a single link in a public forum.

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